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Sintered ndfeb magnet

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Product name: Sintered ndfeb magnet
Brand: qiangfeng Magnetic
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Neodymium iron permanent magnet material was introduced in the early 1980s and is now widely used in the information industry, national defense industry, automobile industry, automobile industry, wind power generation, household appliances, instruments, medical equipment and magnetic equipment. The main component of the magnet is Nd2Fe14B, which has extremely high magnetic property. Its maximum magnetic energy product (BH)maxi is more than 10 times higher than Ferrite, and its maximum working temperature can reach 250^C. Mechanical performance is also quite good, can be suitable for grinding, wire cutting and drilling different processing methods; Due to the poor corrosion resistance, the surface must be treated with different coatings according to different requirements. (zinc, Ni, Au, Epoxy, etc.)

 Product features:

Ndfeb magnet is made by powder metallurgy, and its chemical combination is Nd2Fe14B. Its advantage is high anti-demagnetization, high cost performance, its disadvantage is strong temperature dependence, corrosion resistance is relatively weak, but after the appropriate coating or electroplating plus the use of different environments to choose the products with different coericities, ndfeb has been able to meet the basic requirements of different customers.


Physical properties of:

The physical properties of materials are directly related to different performance grades. In particular, the parameters related to magnetism vary greatly from N series to TH series, while the other parameters related to electricity, mechanics and heat differ little from the performance grades.

Size range:

We have their own unique ndfeb specialized processing production line, including plane grinding, cylindrical grinding, grinding, drilling, tao within hole, slicing, cutting, tao tile, ground tile, mechanical chamfering and other professional production line, at the same time meet the needs of customers personalized design continuously specially set up the fine processing production line, the specialized production mini VCM motor, reducer, spherical shape, such as all sorts of strange shape, magnetic steel.

The magnetic properties:

Production flow chart:

Product application field