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Ningbo strong abundant magnetic industry co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful port city of ningbo, the company formerly known as: ningbo yinzhou HBCMS magnetic materials factory, founded in 2011 on Nov. 2, as the company continued for nearly a decade of efforts and development, to provide customers with better and more comprehensive services, the varieties of the company continuously increase equipment, expand the business, we will be the original factory relocated to rich "in the east sea of taoyuan township of" haishu taoyuan industrial zone, and the company officially changed its name to ningbo strong abundant magnetic industry co., LTD.

Ningbo strong abundant magnetic industry co., LTD. Is a company dedicated to research and development of rare earth permanent magnet, the production, processing, sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises, the company has ndfeb, samarium cobalt, ferrite magnetic materials and magnetic products production capacity and advanced quality inspection equipment, can produce all kinds of medium and high performance sintered ndfeb, bonded ndfeb, samarium cobalt, ferrite permanent magnet products, shapes are: tiles, square, cylindrical, wafer, such as alien, specification can be arbitrary choice, can also according to customer requirements to sample drawings to open mold. The company's magnetic products have been widely used in dc motor, permanent magnet generator, electronic instruments, sensors, medical equipment, mechanical equipment, wind power generation, automotive industry and other fields. The company's core values: integrity, quality, innovation, win-win.

Our business philosophy is: "excellence", "customer first", "service first". Our commitment is: "perseverance, quality eternal". The company carries out the quality policy of "organizing production strictly according to product and user demand, strengthening inspection and making it controlled, providing high-quality products and services, making users satisfied at ease", and ensures that customers' demands are met in an all-round way, so that the three most important characteristics of product quality -- "stability, reliability and consistency" can be fully reflected. The company for many years by virtue of high quality products, excellent prices, intimate service, by domestic and foreign customers widely praised! The company is committed to the intention of the value of the customer to build a growing relationship. We are willing to cooperate with you sincerely and make brilliant achievements together.