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Permanent magnet ferrite

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Product name: Permanent magnet ferrite
Brand: qiangfeng Magnetic
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As an important part of magnetic materials, permanent magnetic ferrite produced by qiangfeng magnetic industry plays an important role in the electronics industry, information industry, motorcycle, power tool industry, automobile industry and other industries.

Product features:

Permanent magnet ferrite is made of SrO or BaO and iron trioxide as raw materials through ceramic process. The strontium, sodium and ferrite produced by the permanent magnet department of the company have Y8T, T22H, Y25, y26h-1, Y27H, Y28, Y30H, Y32, Y43 and other brands and bonded (plastic) permanent magnet ferrite.

Because its raw material price is cheap, and the production process is relatively simple, so its finished product price is relatively low compared with other magnets. The main raw material of ferrite magnet is oxide, so it is not corroded by environment or chemical substances (except strong acid), so the surface does not need electroplating treatment. Mainly used in arts and crafts, adsorption parts, toys, motors, speakers and so on.

The magnetic properties:

Production flow chart: